Certificate in Risk Management

Navigate uncertainty with confidence – Earn a Certificate in Risk Management for a resilient future.
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Course Overview

This outstanding Certificate in Risk Management (CRM) has been created for those looking to explore the basics of professional risk management. Along with covering the most important core principles and theoretical teachings, the course is packed with essential industry insights and explores the role risk management plays in public and private sectors alike.

Membership Designation

After completing OCRM Certificate in Risk Management, members will gain the designation CRA and will be able to use the title CRA (Certified Risk Associate) after their names.

Course Structure

As risk management as a concept is in a continual state of change, traditional educational programs often fall behind the curve. Business owners and recruiters are constantly on the lookout for qualified new candidates, though insist upon a strong educational foundation in accordance with the profession’s current specifics.

  • The content of this Certificate in Risk Management is regularly updated, in order to ensure complete relevance and value.
  • The Certificate in Risk Management from OCRM provides an extremely flexible, accessible and convenient approach to quality distance learning
  • Course content has been engineered to introduce newcomers to the most important aspects of professional risk management, from a contemporary corporate perspective
  • Candidate build a strong knowledge and understanding of key risk management terms and concepts, along with effective risk management tools and strategies
  • Importantly, the course is consistent with the ERM Framework established by the Organisation of Certified Risk Managers. Over recent years, the OCRM Risk Management Framework has earned unrivaled international recognition

Course Objectives

The OCRM Certificate in Risk Management has been designed to lay an initial educational foundation, upon which an extraordinary career may then be built. Though primarily theoretical, the content and teachings the course contains are geared directly toward practical application and professional development.

As the course focuses on the core principles and practices of ERM, candidates explore integrated risk management strategies covering legal risk, operational risk, financial risk, social risk, political risk, health & safety risk and so much more. All information is presented with newcomers to risk management in mind and broken down into concise chapters.

Successful candidates will find the teachings of the course of immense practical value, whether looking to secure a career in risk management or enhance ERM strategies in an existing business capacity.  Along with gaining a better understanding of the purpose and importance of ERM, candidates will learn how to develop, analyse and improve professional risk strategies.

This outstanding distance learning opportunity makes studying professional risk management accessible, flexible and affordable. Designed with home study in mind, candidates are free to study in their own time and at their own pace with no deadlines or time restrictions. By studying 60-120 minutes per day, the course can be successfully complete in as little as six weeks.

Learning Methods

OCRM’s Certificate in Risk Management is exclusively available as a distance learning course for home study, with all required learning materials provided as standard. Candidates will gain access to an extensive online archive of learning resources and helpful materials, upon their enrolment.

Each module has been designed with three core purposes, which are:

  • To introduce essential ERM concepts and explain their relevance
  • To put each key ERM concept into a practical working example
  • To lay a theoretical foundation upon which to build professional competencies

Method of Evaluation

Candidates will be evaluated by way of an assignment at the end of each chapter, which must be passed in order to move onto the next. Once again however, there are no deadlines or time restrictions whatsoever. Upon completion of the final chapter, candidates receive the full OCRM Certificate in Risk Management qualification.

Target Groups

The OCRM Certificate in Risk Management fulfills two primary purposes, which are:

  • To assist newcomers interested in beginning a career in risk management
  • To help those already in business improve existing risk management knowledge and skills
  • Consequently, ideal candidates for the OCRM Certificate in Risk Management include but are not limited to:
  • Candidates with no existing risk management knowledge or experience
  • Those with limited ERM experience looking to enhance their knowledge
  • Professionals with an interest in improving ERM strategies in the workplace
  • Entry-level risk managers pursuing career advancement
  • Business owners or managers interested in ERM and looking to pick up the basics of the subject as quickly and thoroughly as possible
  • Accounting and finance professionals who need to know more about risk management in their roles, Managers, directors or controllers who are responsible for protecting their organization, managing risk and/or embedding effective systems of corporate governance.
  • CEOs, CFOs, VPs and other executives and heads of departments who require a better understanding of risk management and the role it should play in their organizations
  • Along with those working in a direct ERM capacity, this course is also suitable for professionals with an interest in contributing to workplace risk management. From operational risk management to strategic risk management and more, the principles of risk management are wide-reaching and extend to every contemporary profession.

Certificate in Risk Management

4.9 (11 reviews)
 952 enrolled on this course
Course Duration: One year - Flexible
Study Method: Online Learning / Distance Learning
Start Date: Ongoing
Price: Free
Certificate: Available
Entry Requirement

There is no particular entry requirements for this risk management certificate course




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Henry Baylis
1 course
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10 months ago
An excellent course. Provides lot of useful information and everything is properly explained.
Course Syllabus
4.9 course rating
11 ratings
8 months ago
informative getting all new knowledge comperhensive
Pierre Bruce YOUBI
9 months ago
Good understanding
James Wangombe
9 months ago
The course is very comprehensive and made granular for easy comprehension by the students. Highly recommend to risk and compliance aspiring and experienced professionals.
Henry Baylis
10 months ago
An excellent course. Provides lot of useful information and everything is properly explained.
8 months ago
Very interested
Ranjith Ravichandran
7 months ago
Very nice overview of Risk management framework, identification, response and review process
Kevin Gillespy
7 months ago
Very through and well documented knoweledge and information
Mariam Chelidze
6 months ago
Very informative course. I wish feedback to be more detailed.
6 months ago
Balguna Sarathi
6 months ago
Awesome material
Aniket Kirtiwar
5 months ago
Good Course...

Certificate in Risk Management

4.9 (11 reviews)
 952 enrolled on this course
Course Duration: One year - Flexible
Study Method: Online Learning / Distance Learning
Start Date: Ongoing
Price: Free
Certificate: Available
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