OCRM Membership Benefits

Here at the Organisation of Certified Risk Managers, we’re committed to offering products and services of genuine value and benefit. For those looking to advance existing careers or start out with a helpful advantage, OCRM membership and the courses we offer tick all the right boxes.

Membership Designations

The membership designations OCRM offers are internationally recognised and can ensure you stand out from the crowd as a higher-level professional. Designations used after your title and name guarantee enhanced reputation and status, while providing a clear demonstration of your experience and competencies.

Continued Professional Development

Personal and professional development are ongoing priorities for anyone with an interest in taking their career as far as possible. CPD gives professionals the opportunity to continue developing new skills and enriching current competencies, build credibility and a strong reputation, gain essential confidence and fill knowledge gaps.

OCRM Web Resource Centre

We take pride in playing a role in your ongoing development and professional improvement, which is why we offer comprehensive access to an extensive library of helpful online resources. Just a sample of the kinds of resources at your disposal as an OCRM member include web link, videos, templates and tools, articles, reports, practitioner guides and so much more.

International Online Community

Our global community is populated by thousands of industry leaders, students and risk management professionals working at all levels and spanning all contemporary sectors. We are firm believers in quality risk management being reliant on a collaborative working model – OCRM members benefit from our regular events, regional groups, discussion groups, forums and our extensive web resources. Become part of an incredible online community of risk professionals, gaining access to the invaluable thoughts, experiences and guidance of like-minded individuals.

Business Risk Management

Our quarterly publication provided free of charge for all members is packed with the latest insights and industry news. Complete with our own analysis and special reports, it’s content is of universal value and relevance to those working in risk management at any level and in any capacity.

Thought Leadership

OCRM runs a thought leadership initiative, which focuses on essential topics and issues of importance for those overseeing risk management and reduction at the highest executive levels. We carry out and share in-depth industry research, providing our members with valuable practical guides and briefing papers.

Practitioner Guides

Also for those working at executive or board level, we provide helpful practitioner guides covering a wide variety of upper-level management topics. OCRM has collaborated with some of the most respected and reputable global authorities in risk management to produce a bank of invaluable guides, which are available exclusively for members.

Regional Groups

Build your professional network and take the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with like-minded individuals. OCRM members benefit from exclusive access to a series of regional groups held throughout the year, which are all 100% free of charge.

Special interest Groups

A number of free events held throughout the year, which provide risk professionals with the opportunity to discuss ideas, share good practice and generally network with others on specialist topics and relevant industry matters. As a member, you a free to participate in any number of groups with no limitations.

Special Deals and Discounts

OCRM members are offered special deals and discounted rates for a wide variety of industry events, negotiated exclusively by our team. As an OCRM member, you will also benefit from preferential rates on our own services, products and courses.


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