Code of Conduct

The Organisation of Certified Risk Managers (OCRM) is committed to consummate and consistent professionalism, actively supporting and promoting the highest risk management standards globally.

The Code:

As a member of OCRM, you are required to acknowledge and abide by every standard and requirement set out in this Code of Conduct.  You are responsible for upholding the reputation of OCRM and are therefore expected to conduct your professional life and related activities in accordance with these requirements:

  1. All applicable codes of conduct, regulatory requirements and laws within your jurisdiction must be observed and followed without exception.  Not only must you under no circumstances break the law, but you must behave and operate in manner which champions and encourages law-abiding behaviour
  2. Comply with regulators openly and respectfully, in full accordance with their requests and requirements.
  3. Maintain the highest regard for public safety, public health, local community and the environment in general at all times.
  4. Be respectful at all times to those you come into contact with and behave with the highest levels of integrity at.  Discrimination and disrespect are fundamentally unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances.
  5. Ensure that the property of clients (including money) is handled respectfully, prudently and honestly at all times.  Act with true and unrelenting fidelity.
  6. Show willingness and full compliance upon being requested to obtain and provide any documentation or information of relevance or importance.  In all such instances, data protection and confidentiality must be carefully considered and the appropriate security measures taken.
  7. Clients, employers, employees and colleagues alike must be given full and appropriate consideration and priority, with respect to their requirements and interests.
  8. Conduct yourself with diligence, care, skill and professionalism at all times.
  9. Never attempt to act beyond the limitations of your own professional competences or the authorisation/permission you have been granted.
  10. Do not involve yourself in any public announcements, promotions, actions or activities in general that may in any way bring the name, the reputation or any person affiliated with OCRM into disrepute.  This includes actions both inside work and in your personal life.
  11. You must never attempt to persuade any other individual, business, client or colleague that you are in possession of an academic or professional qualification that you in fact do not have.
  12. You must at all times and seek and pursue available opportunities for continuing your development, education and professional progress.  By any appropriate means necessary, it is your responsibility to ensure that your understanding and expertise do not become outdated or substandard.
  13. Part of your commitment to professional development means maintaining and providing upon request all necessary evidence that you are in fact continuing your personal development.
  14. Should any of your personal circumstances change which may in any way impact whether or not you are able to legitimately use your descriptive title, you are required to contact OCRM immediately for advice and to make any necessary changes.
  15. The descriptive title you have been granted may be used only in connection with you yourself after your name.  It cannot and must not be used in connection with corporate bodies, partnerships, businesses and so on.
  16. All applicable risk management standards in accordance with the jurisdiction the individual is in and all internationally accepted risk management standards should be comprehensively understood by members.
  17. The advancement of enhanced and beneficial risk management is something that should be encouraged and nurtured by every member, passing important information, insights and teachings onto others.
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