Certified Risk Associate (CRA)

To become a Certified Risk Associate (CRA) member is to prime yourself for outstanding success. In order to become a Certified Risk Associate member with OCRM, it is necessary to fulfil the requirements set out in our Certification Scheme. CRA is our certified-level membership package, demonstrating that you have a higher standard of knowledge in key risk management subject areas. By seeking and receiving certification, you reinforce your commitment to continuous self-improvement and the pursuit of the highest-quality risk management competencies.

Certified Risk Associate (CRA) Membership Benefits

Professionals with CRA membership earn the right to use the ‘CRA’ designation after their names, along with the title of ‘Certified Risk Associate’. This distinguishing characteristic allows professionals at all levels to both stand out as outstanding risk experts and become more attractive prospects for clients, customers and peers alike.

When seeking employment or career advancement, this is exactly the kind of certification that can give you a huge advantage over the competition.

CRA membership demonstrates your:

Becoming a Certified Risk Associate (CRA) Member

There are four available options for those looking to obtain CRA memberships and its extensive career benefits. Certification demonstrated good knowledge and qualification as a risk management professional.

Option 1

OCRM Certificate in Risk Management

The content of the course is the work of advanced academics and industry leaders offering invaluable insights into the risk profession from both practical and theoretical standpoints.

Option 2

An Equivalent Recognised Qualification

If you have already studied for a similarly-advanced qualification either at university or while working as in a risk management capacity, you may qualify for CRA membership with OCRM. Depending on the type and level of qualification you already hold, you may be entitled to skip one or any number of the essential modules within our Certificate in Risk Management.

It is also possible to qualify for non-standard exemptions, which are awarded in the instances of professional or academic qualifications or achievement you believe match the requirements set out.

Option 3

Prior Learning Assessment

We understand that it is perfectly possible to learn a great deal about professional risk management, without necessarily having to study for formal qualifications. As such, OCRM also offers a prior learning assessment service, which enables us to give additional credit and consideration to those who have reached higher levels of competency and expanded their knowledge through non-academic pursuits.


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