Why Get Certified

Achieving a recognised risk management certification is to confirm to others that you are a committed and dedicated industry player. There are countless reasons why it makes sense to pursue a risk management certification, which include the following:


As already touched upon, to achieve recognised risk management certification is to confirm to others that you are a committed and dedicated industry player. It proves to clients, peers, business associates and superiors alike that this is the industry in which you intend to invest yourself and your efforts long-term, in order to achieve your full potential. Those with certification stand out as leaders in their field, rather than everyday workers or team members.

Professional Image

Certification immediately gives the working professional and distinct advantage in a business setting. Publically recognized credentials allow other to gain an immediate insight into the level of knowledge, experience and competence in the field the individual has. At a glance, they are pinpointed as professionals with a more respectable, reputable and reassuring image and stature.


In addition, certification is viewed by others as immediate and comprehensive evidence of a person’s achievements in their field or expertise. In becoming certified, they have proven their ability to meet the required standards and have proved themselves as committed to pursuing personal improvement and general excellence.


Self-esteem and satisfaction both take a significant step forward with certification. Having worked hard to reach a much higher level within the industry and demonstrate total commitment, the certified professional is rewarded with an extremely valuable ‘badge of honour’ to be worn with pride.

Career Opportunities

Over and above the content of the conventional CV, certification shows employers and recruiters in an instant that you are a standout candidate in your field. If already in employment, your pursuit of self-improvement and a higher level of competency will ensure you are not looked over as a prospect for advancement. Certification is also known to contribute to overall earnings – those with certification usually earning more than those without.


The fact that certification is 100% voluntary in nature shows employers and peers that you are willing to go the extra mile to enhance your personal development. This may in turn lead an increase in on-the-job responsibilities and duties – of key importance for career progression.

Professional Recognition

To become certified is to immediately earn greater recognition in a professional setting, having taken the proactive steps required to enhance your position and stature within the industry. Certification can make an enormous difference not only to your career, but also to the way you are perceived by others within the industry at all levels.

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