OCRM - Organisation of Certified Risk Managers is an established professional risk management body, offering industry-leading risk management qualifications and certified membership. Our core aim is to improve quality of risk management, for the benefit of businesses, organisations and their respective workforce.

Along with outstanding educational resources and professional guidance, we offer the chance to study for internationally-recognised courses. Current OCRM members work in a variety of capacities across various industries, spanning both private and public sectors alike. We operate as a fully-independent service provider and are relentlessly dedicated to delivering the highest quality service standards.

The risk management profession is built upon a strong foundation of integrity, responsibility and leadership. Each of our services and the qualifications we offer has been crafted in accordance with the highest professional standards and contemporary working practices. We seek to assist others in developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve the quality of risk management in any business setting.

OCRM is committed to providing:


We offer globally recognised risk management qualifications, providing insightful teachings to assist professionals at every stage of their career.


OCRM promotes the importance of deepening and strengthening knowledge and understanding of risk management.


Invaluable opportunities to discuss and learn important risk management sub-topics by way of in-person and face-to-face networking.

Career Support

OCRM members benefit from outstanding professional support and assistance throughout their careers.

Our commitment is to the provision of higher-quality education and support for risk management professionals working in any capacity and in any industry area.

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