Diploma in Risk Management

Course Duration One year - Flexible
Study Method Online Learning / Distance Learning
Start Date Ongoing

The OCRM Diploma in Risk Management is a higher level course covering the basics of the subject. It may be taken as a course in its own right, or as part of the Advanced Diploma in Risk Management.

Membership Designation

After completing OCRM Diploma in Risk Management, members will be upgraded to diploma membership and will gain the designation OCRMDip. Diploma members will be able to use the title OCRMDip after their names.


Managing risk across the enterprise is a new frontier of business management. Doing so effectively  will be the single most important differentiating factor for many enterprises in the twenty-first century.   This course’s integration of theory with hands-on real-world lessons in managing enterprise risk provides an opportunity for its learners to gain insight and understanding that could otherwise be acquired only through many years of hard-earned experience. 

Aimed at those with degree-level education or higher, this intensive course has been created by industry leaders and influential academics. This Diploma introduces the essential insights, theory and practical    skills required to  become a professional risk manager of the highest caliber.

Assessment and Completion

This intensive course usually takes between 6 and 12 months to complete, though candidates are free to study in their own time and at their own pace. There are no deadlines and no time limitations to worry about. There are also no formal exams to take – assessment takes place through project and assignment completion at the end of each chapter.

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